Read some thoughts from people who have found IT jobs and relocated with our help.

As far as I know, Gurus n' Heroes does a does in-depth research of the companies posting vacancies in order maintain a high level.

At first I didn’t feel safe with a startup style company we were interviewing for. But they convinced me that the company was reliable and had a great team. After the on site interview I understood that it was totally true and the company was super cool and my personal success manager were totally right.


My relocation experience with G n’ H was the smoothest I could ever dream of! Then I worked full time and did not have the opportunity to pay sufficient attention to the preparation of documents. My personal success manager did all the necessary work very fast and professionally.

They gave me a list of documents required from my side, ordered a courier postal service to take them, and few days later I received all documents translated and prepared for the Embassy. I only made few copies, filled in the Embassy form and that’s it! The Embassy workers were also impressed that every document was in the right position and in necessary quantity.


Gurus n' Heroes was very helpful and polite in discussions. Since Germans are usually not extremely fast in decision making, Gurus n' Heroes really kept me informed on each stage of the hiring process. The interviews seemed professional with no undue burdens. I happily accepted the offer.

The team applied an individual approach aimed at a successful result. I got highly qualified support and valuable instruction during my relocation period. There was no doubt about the feedback on any difficult issue, I am very grateful for that. I definitely can advise you to use Gurus n' Heroes for their cooperation.


It was one of the most effective and reliable employment experiences that I ever had.

The Success Manager, who contacted me via LinkedIn, conducted an interview in a secure way, providing all the details regarding the position. Afterwards, she did her best to make sure that my CV and supporting documents would match potential customer expectations. This was highly beneficial.

Finally, the contract was signed, but even after that I knew I could still get good advice. Thank you so much for your hard work!