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Yes, you can. European countries are in need of highly qualified IT specialists and have created favourable visa conditions. For example, in Germany, you can get a Blue Card visa, in the Netherlands a “Kennismigrant” visa One of the main requirements for applicants is a signed labour contract.
Our Support Managers are ready to deal with relocation questions and offer visa and relocation support. We are experts in relocation.

In the Netherlands or Scandinavian countries - yes. They are willing to hire IT specialists who speak English only. In Germany, many employers still require knowledge of German, but our German clients have English-speaking teams and expect candidates to speak fluent English. In addition, they provide their newcomers with the opportunity to study German language and culture to help them adapt quickly to the new environment.

Absolutely. Many companies are looking for candidates with a degree in a STEM field or require at least three years of relevant experience.

One of the main requirements for the EU Blue Card in Germany is a qualification recognized by the Central Office for Foreign Education. You can check yours against the website Anabin. If your university and degree are marked with “H+”, you are eligible for the Blue Card visa. If you don’t have a higher education degree, but can prove at least 3 years of relevant experience, you can apply for a German working visa.

In the Netherlands, the main condition for the visa is not a degree, but the signed labour contract and the salary level.

It depends on the tax system in your country. Your income is subject to the country of residence. In some cases, it’s beneficial to start an individual entrepreneurship or another type of legal entity to pay lower taxes.

The rate in the contract is usually the gross rate subject to tax. Take it into account when negotiating.

As common when hiring new employees, most companies include a probation period.

The payment terms are stated in the contract. You can have payments deposited to your bank account or through money transfer systems like Payoneer or PayPal.

We help you to draw up or check the contract with the employer, open a foreign currency bank account, consult on taxes and accounting.

Salaries in Germany and the Netherlands are comparable but differ between regions. For example, in Munich the cost of living and salaries are higher than those in Berlin. Before providing your salary expectations we suggest understanding the standard salary offers for the region, the tax rates, and local prices.

You can use tax calculators. Here are a couple that we like: for the Netherlands
for Germany (for single, use Steuerklasse 1, for married - 2, if you have children - Steuerklasse 3 and add 0.5 for each child).

Yes. You can relocate with your family from the very start in Germany and for the Netherlands, you may bring them after you settle in.

The hiring process may last from 1 to 6 months, and the relocation usually takes at least 1 month, depending on your location. To apply for a visa you need to book an appointment (termin) at your local Consulate General for Germany. In some countries, you can book an appointment within 1 week (such as Russia), in others it can take months (India). Before applying, you will need to prepare all your documents and get the employment contract signed, which may take around 2 weeks. Our team helps all our candidates with visa applications and documentation, and most of our company clients support the whole application and relocation process.

It depends on the location. For example, it’s not as easy in Munich as in Berlin. Most employers help their future team members find a flat/apartment. At first, they’ll set you up with a temporary accommodation until you decide on a permanent home.

Most of our German clients are looking for permanent employees who will stay with them for years. They appreciate reliable team members who devote themselves to their work. In turn, they are willing to offer favourable conditions, such as extended vacation, flexible working hours and work from home opportunities, choice of equipment, professional training, pension schemes, relocation package, complimentary gym memberships, transport, and other benefits.

In the Netherlands you usually begin with a temporary contract, which in 90% of cases will be made permanent in 1 or 2 years.

Yes, you can. We offer both onsite and remote jobs.

You can have a contract for the period of the project (from 2 months up to 1 year) based on the hourly or monthly rate. In most cases you will be paid monthly.

It depends on the employer and is discussed prior to the contract conclusion.

It depends on the vacancy and your qualification. It’s discussed individually.

You can sign the contract using DocuSign, or use the traditional print/scan approach.

  • We provide full support throughout the entire relocation process, from the first application to the first working day, and beyond.
  • We schedule appointments at the embassy. (Our company has many years of experience dealing with diplomatic affairs around the world. Even in India, we manage to schedule appointments within a month.)
  • We advise on all visa issues.
  • We help you prepare the paperwork for the employment visa.
  • We help you find accommodation in your new city.
  • We help you deal with the formalities of relocation, such as XXX, whether you settle in Germany or the Netherlands.

The best part is, it's all FREE for our candidates. Moreover, if you have found a job through us, we give you a bonus of 500 euros for you to spend on transportation costs (airline tickets, hotels, etc.).

This is an absolutely unique offer among EU-based job platforms.

In Germany: 22-33 months. In the Netherlands: +5 years.

It is free to use our platform.

However, we have few Plans which give more opportunities in getting a job. You can find out more at your Settings page after signing in.

We focus on positions in IT, including engineering and management.

At least 3 years, sometimes 2 years with the right educational background.

Our Success Managers can see your contact details in your profile. Employers will only be able to access your information after you accept… Thus, no employer will contact you unless you want them to.

We match your work experience and salary expectations as well as your relocation or remote working plans with employers’ offers and show you the most relevant job opportunities. Once you are matched, you get an invitation and decide whether you are ready to respond or not. If you accept the invitation, the employer will contact you to schedule an interview.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, feel free to submit your question.

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